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Mya: Creating My Very Own Supernerd.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 29, 2012 by beneaththeunderdog

I have always dreamed of being a father.  You know the kind of dad that takes pictures of every second of their kids’ childhood?

That was going to be me.

The dad who invites family to the sporting events in an attempt to have the most raucous, screaming, embarrassingly loud section to root for their child. 

Yep, that was going to be me too.

The kind of dad who invites the family over to  screams extra loud when their kid brings home a good report card?

You know a dad like that right?  Me either.

I have been a coach for almost a decade and have had the opportunity to intimately converse with hundreds of parents about their children.  It surprises me that most times parents speak of their children’s scholarship potential it is completely and solely based on their child’s athletic prowess.

It is a very rare– a very rare instance when a kid’s academic skills are mentioned.  Never mind the fact that a teenager’s chances of getting an academic scholarship is exponentially better than attaining an athletic scholarship.

This makes me wonder:  why are the parents of school-aged children not putting more emphasis and focus on academic successes ?

Mya, my girlfriend’s six-year-old daughter, is now at that soccer, dance, softball team age and she’s raring to go.  She even wants to play tackle football, a development that I am obviously proud of  and am encouraging. 

She is trying to become a multi-faceted, well-rounded, eclectic, every-woman, and I am more than happy to facilitate her growth towards those endeavors.

What I am more proud of though, is the same tenacity she shows trying to perfect her golf swing she shows at the dinner table every night trying to master her homework. 

Yes, she is six and she gets pissed whenever she falls short of the high standards and expectations she has set for herself. 

She not only wants to outperform the boys on the field, but in the classroom.  I am more than willing to raise, demand, and push my baby to be a nerd.


It is no secret that simply having a bachelor’s degree is not going to be enough to ensure success and a comfortable life anymore.  It is even less likely for Mya, because she is black(she is actually bi-racial; her mother is white and fantastic role model and mother) and more so because she is female.  If you believe the statistics the odds are stacked against her.

Suffice it to say, because of the statistics, I am more interested in seeing her becoming the next Condoleeza Rice over the next Candace Parker. Candace might get a chance  to play for the team, but Condoleeza is more likely to own the team. 

Rick Santorum and  the GOP will have you think that Mr. Obama is a ‘snob’ for exhorting that everyone go to college.  We all know that there are people who are not cut out to sit in classrooms.  To  dismiss the idea of higher education as snobbish casts an unnecessary dark cloud of the hundreds of hands-on vocational schools and junior colleges that are set up to help the masses no matter the learning speed or handicap.

I know there will come a time when Mya is conscious of the social stigmas that go along with being a nerd.  When that day comes I will remind her that while she is worried about trying to land a date or secure her rep the world is still spinning, the difference between the haves and the have-nots is still increasing, and the job market is decreasing at the same pace as the requirements for landing a career is increasing. 

It all starts with me and her mom though.  I have to be mindful to loudly celebrate those honor roll report cards, those 4th place certificates for science fairs, and every merit badge she earns in Girl Scouts.  Afterall, if loud exultation is allowed for 300 yard drives, then me doing the Arsenio Hall dog pound whoop at an awards assembly should be embraced.

So, I’m ordering my Mya jersey, and my pink warface paint today, because there is a six-year-old who deserves confetti and Gatorade dumped on her for having a ‘green day’.  Maybe just the confetti… the Gatorade will be reserved for her first touchdown come this Fall.


The Disposable Conscience of the American Negro

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  • There is an African-American woman somewhere in America who is pushing the agenda.  She is smart and great at her job.  She is an executive in a Fortune 500 company or a professor at a top university.  She dresses conservatively and carries herself in a manner befitting a lady of status.  She lives in a great neighborhood.  She frequents the best restaurants. But when she is with her girls she dances to    this:                                                                                                                                                     Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-wobble, wobbin’
    Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin’
    Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter
    Somebody point me to the best ass-eater
    Tell ‘I’m “Pussy clean! ” I tell them “Pussy squeaky! “
    Niggas give me brain ’cause all of them niggas geeky
    If he got a mandingo, then I buy him a dashiki
    And bust this pussy open in the islands of Waikikiiiiii…
    Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s finally famous
    And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!
    I don’t know, man, guess them ass shots were all!
    Bitches ain’t poppin’, Google, my ass the
    Only time you on the net is when you Google my ass
    Y-y-you fuckin’ little whores, fu-fu-fuckin’ up my decors
    Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was fuckin’ Michael Kors
    B-B-Big Sean, b-boy, how big is you?
    Gimme all yo’ money and gimme all yo’ residuals
    And Slap it on my ass, ass,   ass…   Ask her why she supports these lyrics and the artists who pen them and you are likely to hear, ‘they are not talking about me.’

  • Everyone has seen the video of R Kelly peeing on a 14-year-old girl.  Everyone knows that he married Aaliyah when she was the ripe old age of  15.  Everyone knows that after he was found ‘not guilty’ by a jury a reporter asked him if he was attracted to teenaged girls he asked, ‘What do you mean by teenaged?’  Surprisingly, every album and concert he has had since the allegations surfaced have been rousing successes.  His album sales have not tailed off and his concerts sell out constantly.  Why?

Bishop Eddie Long pictures: cell phone photo of Long hit the web

  • Eddie Long has marched against gay marriage.  He has preached against homosexuality and helped ‘sponsor’ anti-gay legislation in Georgia.  Then the allegations arose from several young, male members of his church that Long had traded cars, money and scholarships for mutual masturbation and oral sex.  Long promised a vigorous defense, but decided to settle out of court which cost the church millions.  The disturbed young men still are begging to tell their side of the story at the risk of losing their settlements.  Did the church members leave?   Did the church remove Long?  No.  Why not?

  • Whitney Houston, despite her early success was not readily accepted into the fold of Black America.  She was referred to as White-ney Houston on lots of R&B stations.  She never attained her street cred until she married Bobby Brown.  The more Bobby beat her the more popular she became in the community and the more successful Bobby became.   the more she failed at rehabilitating herself the more the community laughed at her and the more people watched her slow demise on television.  Now she’s dead and Bobby is on a nationwide musical tour.  Does this make any sense? 


Who says that a person who is the progeny of African parentage yet exhibits habits and demeanor that would embarrass a terrorist is deemed worthy to be “community” inclusive?  It seems that we, Black people, have an uncanny and innate ability and responsibility to support and defend all that is black no matter the consequence.  Mainstream success has seemingly poisoned our ability to be responsible wards and caretakers of our culture.

 Perhaps, the rush to protect “one of mama babies” from the white hand of the law is the collective shame and guilt of not setting one’s own individual house in order.  This puts us in a position to then have to accept the opinion of the media  The media then has the power to set our culture as they see fit; because we lack courage and  fail to develop the healthy compunction to solve our own social ills.

We used to be an eclectic people with a mind trending towards correcting the our own social issues.  The problem now is the dream has become distorted and lessened by a group hysteria that has become more pervasive… a ‘if you can’t be ’em  join ’em’ mentality has taken over.  The problem with being around certain people for so long is that one tends to adapt and adopt certain characteristics, habits as well as traits of those others are not innate to one’s historical heritage. The problem is compounded the further we drift away from our heritage and it becomes an afterthought, deemed no longer necessary or pertinent.

Maybe it is time to realise that everybody that might be wearing the suit of physical features from the motherland might not be internally so motivated to maintain the pride of our ‘old’ history. Given that maybe we should spend more time and energy on making sure the youth are cultured in the ways of our great-great ancestors instead of touting the misogyny and greed of mainstream success and acceptance.   For what kind of success is there really in desecration of an entire race.  We used to have a conscience. I hope we get it back before it is too late.