Do Looks Influence Who We Elect?

Christopher J. Christie
I was wondering how long it would take, and finally there’s a glut(no pun intended) of pundits coming out of the wood-works to tackle a weighty(pun definitely intended that time) issue.  Writing for Bloomberg on September 29, 2011, Michael Kinsley wrote a column suggesting that Chris Christie can’t be president because “He is just too fat.”  There.  Somebody said it, and someone had to be first and Kinsley jumped on the opportunity and seized the moment.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, center, stops to talk to Mary Wilson, left, of Casper, Wyoming, and her granddaughter Suzanne Wilson, of Mount Laurel, N.J. , Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, outside a residence in Mount Laurel, N.J. , after Christie addressed a...
I’ll take smart and fat anytime over skinny and stupid.  The fact is Christie is the ultimate outsider.  He doesn’t feel like a politician.  He doesn’t look like a politician. When he opens his mouth though, he sounds like a sensible, caring and sure leader.  He actually feels as if he wants the top job to help Americans and not to push his agenda or legacy.
 As Mount Laurel Mayor Jim Keenan, right, laughs, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie makes a joke while talking about plans for property tax savings as he stands at a residence in Mount Laurel, N.J. , Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011.
Americans have been trapped in a veritable malaise of controversy, war, partisan politics and dwindling money.  Entering the fray is this wunderkind with a personality as big as his possibility.  He’s highly sought after by conservatives who longed for a serious representatives who could speak to and stand up  for the kind of change that a country that’s in a state of flux needs.  He was going to play the part of the savior or hero, but the casting department decided his looks trumped any potential he had to make any viable change.  No matter what his resume said, it was decided his weight was going to keep his presidential balloon from lifting off.
In the past, before televised debates, a man’s resume and his life’s work were the true measure of his potential.  Then, after the much talked about trickles of sweat down the cheeks of Nixon during a televised debate with Kennedy, well as they say, the rest is history.   Nixon lost that election, in part, because standing next to Kennedy he just was not attractive.  Kennedy seemed unflappable and polished while the sweating Nixon looked nervous and unsure.  Advantage Kennedy.  Before this all debates were done on the radio.  Who knows what the outcome would have been if those debates had followed suit.  Instead, a whole new type of industry was born and there was no turning back.
Now, it seems that America is voting on the grounds of likeability and speech making.  Obama proves that a man with great oratory skills and a slight public service record beats a woman who’s lived the entirety of her adult life as a politician and a man with a distinguished military record and over 25 years of congressional experience. If the American political process can produce someone with unshakeable and above reproach manner and history, and talent to resurrect a dying and underperforming economy; ensure that the way of life that I enjoy will remain and possibly increase to better the fortunes of my children; work to lessen the ‘what about me’ programs that are weakening our resolve as a nation ; and defend the nation and its borders without bias or ambiguity, effectively, and unapologetically from all enemies, I for one am willing to look past any physical limitations or faux pas in the interest of the nation.
Do you think overweight people deserve sympathy?
  • Yes: It’s incredibly hard to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Yes: I’m one of them, and people aren’t always nice.
  • No: Most overweight people just need to eat less and move around more.
  • No: They don’t need my sympathy, but I don’t shun them, either.
  • I’ve got lots to say about this; see my comment, below.
Let’s see.   I’m supposed to reject Sarah Palin, because she’s “stupid”.   Christie’s fat.  And Michelle Bachmann belongs to the Tea Party. And Romney is a Mormon. And Perry is a racist. And Cain is an Uncle Tom. Gosh. There’s nobody left except Obama, the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers.   I think we need to open the election up to everyone, despite their pasts, genes, faux pas, or idiosyncracies.  Career politicians scare the brownies out of me.  I think we’ll regret keeping ‘ugly’ people from sharing their ideas because of some perceived lack of acceptability.  If I’m drowning, and make no mistake…we are drowning people, I’m not going to wait for a skinny wrist to reach below the water to save me, denying the chubby wrist that was available first.  Would you?

One Response to “Do Looks Influence Who We Elect?”

  1. The people that know the deal will read this will understand it those that dont will be offended. Please if im drowing and you happen to be fat please pull my lil bony wrist even if it snaps I still want to live lol

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