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White Bitches in Heat

Posted in African American Interests on June 29, 2011 by beneaththeunderdog

Rarely am I suprised by the things that come out of people’s mouths… unless I’m watching a Jackie Chan movie or having dinner with my little sister.  I overheard a conversation in Subway while standing in line to get my Jared on, when some woman in the back of the dining are yelled,  ‘The only ones of them that bother with you niggas are the white bitches in heat.’

Are white women attracted to the myth of a black man’s sexual ability?  Yep.  Are Black men secretly coveting sleeping with white women just for the experience?  Yes… hell yes.  I think the initial attraction for a vast majority of all relationships is sexual attraction and the tension  that develops because of that attraction.  I don’t look at any woman, no matter race, without seeking out thick thighs, wide hips and a round ass.  That’s me.  That’s what gets me going.  I’d venture to say that most people know almost immediately whether they’ll sleep with someone.  How many of those relationships  get beyond that first glance especially when one or both show some disinterest?

The truth is, I’M ATTRACTED TO WHITE WOMEN.  I like them.  They like me.   There’s no denying the sexual frission that exists. Yes, our attraction is based on race, as are the opinions expressed by those who hate me or scoff at me based on some unwritten and unspoken rule that excludes me from the potential relationship pool of eligible, beautiful women seeking an eligible, wildly sexy, intelligent, eclectic, beautiful, funny, smart and driven brotha such as myself.  Let me say, this isn’t a manifesto against Black women.  I love my sistas wholeheartedly.  But, I have a humongous responsibility to tell the truth.  A brotha without the requisite playa kit:  mean stare, slang, SUVw/rims, a gold tooth or two, various indecipherable tattoos, can’t get anywhere with a sista.  The reality that exists is above me and I must play the game.

I like world issues.  I speak correct English(most of the time).  I read.  I volunteer.  I drive a Montero Sport because it’s economical and gets me to work, school and to my football games without a hitch.  I don’t have gold teeth…hell I hate gold.  So, because the rules are what they are sistas look at me as…  a little brother type or someone who can be a friend.  They never ever seem me as a mate or suitor or husband.

Where a sista is quick to refer to us as ‘niggas’ and high five each other while they chant how much they don’t need us, white women are taking us at face value and at least allowing us to appraoch them past a level of material goods.  Where sistas are more likely to judge a man and dismiss him for what he has/doesn’t have and what he’s has/hasn’t done for her, a white woman looks at what I have and tries to figure out, WITH my input, how she can add hers to mine to see how WE can make it multiply.  White women are women and aren’t afraid to allow me to be a man.  White women lift me up and support me and my dreams and goals… even if it doesn’t involve a money making venture.   White women want me before I have my stacks and car and house becuase they understand that life is more about the journey and not the goalline or destination.

Now, I feel, based on my experience, and from the experiences gathered from other well meaning, hard working Black brothers, I think Black women hate Black men.  I mean HATE us.  Why do I say this:

  • Look at who sistas put in front of our young men and women as role models.  Felon ass rappers/singers, local thugs and dealers, pimps and prostitues.  What does this do to the psyche of our Black young men and boys?  They are taught, straight out of the womb, that they are destined to be dishonest, unwanted, not needed, future gang members, and harbingers of AIDS, haters of all that is Black , and lovers and coveters of white women.
  • Black men are often blamed for the ills of Black communities and families.  Look into the homes though.  Women, who by and large are in charge of the Black household,  are usually scantily clad and overly sexual.  Drugs and alcohol persist…openly.  Is there any wonder why a.) Black boys seem to devalue Black women, and B.) Our young women are contracting HIV/AIDS at an astronomical, and are wearing clothes that squeeze all of the sexual flesh to the surface while also simultaneous;y squeezing all of the limitiations of their upbringings out also.
  • Are Black boys really being nurtured by Black women?  For every successful Black man there is seemingly a driving force behind that success that usually started with a statement such as ‘you ain’t gonna be shit just like your daddy.’  Teachers are ignoring the plight of black, male students in droves.   These boys are often shunned at home and in the school house.  Where are they to turn to for value of self?
  • The myth of the ‘down low brotha’ persists because sistas support these ideas wholeheartedly.  Yes, there are brothas out there who are unscruplously duping women into dangerous sexual relationships.  Is this the norm thouh.  Hell no, but whenever a discussion of the percieved weaknesses amonst the Black, male species arises the ‘down low’ myth is given more ammo.  Why is there such a vitriolic tenor to these and similar discussion about Black men amongst the sistas?

I mean I could go on forever, but I’d become more of a part of the problem that I’m describing.  There definitely needs to be a dialogue… detente even amongst brothas and sistas.  There is an ever widening gulf developing and if we’re not careful it’ll be too late to bridge the gap.  Is this a topic that’s been exhausted?  Is there a need for nderstanding?  Leave comments.


Seventy Days of Summer… Bucket List 2011

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 by beneaththeunderdog

This weekend marked the first three day weekend of the summer for me.  For some reason my employer thinks that giving the employees four 10 hour workdays will save money.  This leaves us with three day weekends during the summer; a welcome problem that leaves me bored, tired and frustrated during the work week.  It also leaves me with loads of freetime during the long weekends to do something other than vegetate and pick the lint from my cracks and crevices.

I spent this past weekend helping my girlfriend move.  I’ll sum that up by saying that she obviously bought every super heavy piece of furniture that the salesman offered her. (Eight foot pillars weighing in excess of 150 lbs a piece to anchor the corners of her bed…FML…)

No fishing or reading or being lazy on the beach.  Just a sore knee, tired back, and aching forearms.  So now, in my reflective mood, I’ve been moved to try to map out the things that I want to get done this summer.  I’m motivated to see these things get done… 25 things to fill the next 70 days.  It’s going to be fun!


  • Get organized and condense.  The bachelor life is over and done.  It’s time to pare down the assortment of vodkas and liquors and make room for the Yoo-hoo, cowtails, and Go-gurts.  Time to move the jerseys and polo shirts to the back of the closet to make room for skirts and blouses.  I’m not complaing… it’s a welcome and wnated addition.
  • Create my stylish circle-stack bookshelves and my keychain holder.
  • Buy art and find a way to incorporate it into my apartment.
  • Reinvigorate my neglected patio garden.
  • Buy a firepit…and use it weekly.


  • Hit all of the Festevents highlights:  Bayou Bugaloo, Harborfest, Jazz Festival.
  • Go to at least three museums… something I haven’t done since elementary school.
  • Concerts galore.  Nothing has grabbed me yet, but my eyes and ears are open.
  • Hit all of the parks:  Busch Gardens, Water Country, Kings Dominion and watch my nephews, nieces, and my Mya scream their little heads off.
  • Buy a bike and pedal.  Another activity that lost it’s luster as life and responsibility took over.  I miss riding and look forward o getting back on.


  • Camping is definitely on the agenda.
  • Hiking, hopefully in Charlottesville on the Appalaichan Trail.
  • Perfect my grilling techniques.  Ayone can burn hamburgers and hotdogs(I proved that yesterday), but moving up to fish, fruit, steaks and ribs is going to be a fun challenge.
  • Spend more time trying to finish my book on Norfolk.  A portion of it is exploring life of the homelessness that persists in downtown and in Ocean View.  Several nights will be spent doing research.
  • Finally…at long last… learn how to swim.  I want kids.  I’d hate to have to watch them float away or sink and be helpless.


  • 2666 by Roberto Bolano
  • The Stand by Stephen King
  • Push by Sapphire
  • A Moveable Feast by Ernest Heminway
  • Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut


  • Fish Tacos
  • Create a signature cheesecake recipe
  • Homemade spaghetti sauce
  • Signature barbecue sauce
  • Paella



Letter To Creflo Dollar

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2011 by beneaththeunderdog
Somewhere there’s a little boy who’s been raped by a person he’d placed his trust in.  He’s  internally battered, mentally bruised and probably bleeding externally.  He’ll never be the same again.  That is, his very innocence has been ripped out of his body and replaced with doubt, guilt, indignation and scarring that may heal on the surface, but will leak through every good, bad, and indifferent moment of his life.  If the man who’d inflicted this harm on a trusting, innocent child was a pastor, and the child was yours, would you continue to attend his church with your child?  Would you look past this pastor’s ‘wreck’ and forgive him and allow him further access to your son?
So why did you use your soapbox to diminish the severity of the crimes and sins that your ‘brother’ Eddie Long committed on his congregation?  I just saw a video of you accosting the victims(AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, THE FORMER MEMBERS OF EDDIE LONG’S CHURCH ARE VICTIMS TOO) that had the courage and principle to leave a thriving church of thousands called New Birth.  They didn’t leave because Eddie Long’s church was boring, stingy, or lacked vision.  They left because their CEO… their CFO had raided the coffers of trust, decency, leadership, and humanity.  To use his position as pastor to lure young boys into sexual relationships is deplorable.  Your grotesque and misguided attempt to  demonize and chastise Long’s former congregants who now have to question their own judgements in the wake of this man’s dastardly deeds is a shame. 
Those people came to you looking for a second chance and you sat on your manmade throne and hurled verbal stones at them.  They came to you starving for stabiltiy and hope and guidance and you whipped them.  Would you tell a drowning man that he should have learned to swim instead of throwing him a life preservor?  To urge people, many of who undoubtedly had children, to go back into New Birth and to trust this man to not do what his out-of-court settlement clearly points to him doing is foolish. 
He, Eddie Long,  came out swinging when the allegations first surfaced.  He exclaimed loudly that the investigation would be transparent and that it would be plain for all to see that he was innocent of the accusations.  His infamous David and Goliath references had us all pumped up. How many times have trumped-up charges been turned into primetime interviews and faux celebrity. 
Then, quietly, in a lawyer’s office the case died with a whimper.  The accusers barred from ever talking about the ordeal.  How are we to surmise any kind of truth?
I pray you issue an immediate retraction.  Forgiving anyone for a misstep is the Christ-like thing to do.  None of us has a heaven or hell to put Mr. Long in.  To forcefully demand that his former members go home is a miscarriage of the oaths that you have dedicated your life to.   
Captains go down when they wreck… when they run a ship aground.  Eddie Long is the captain of that ship.  You need to tell him, as a friend and brother, the best thing he can do is to step aside and allow that church to heal in the absence of his presence.  Eddie Long wrecked because he was drunk at the wheel… drunk on power and status.  He now has to reap the evil that he’s sown.  If you don’t retract you support of this man, then shame on you.

It Starts…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2011 by beneaththeunderdog

I feel like a failure.  Every person feels as if they have the talent o write a book, whether it be a short story or the next, great American novel.  Few ever finish what they have started and others… the lucky few who do never see their works published.  I belong to that sad group that never finishes.  It’s the most frustrating feeling in the world to have an idea that is sure to be  fruitful, but lack the ability to see that idea mature into something tangible. 

So here I am.  It starts here for me.  This is a chance to exercise my ‘writing muscles’ in an attempt to gain some kind of strength inside me to turn mere pages into a coherent story.  So, I will poetically wax about nothing and everything.  This is a place to dispose of verbal and mental diarrhea(I’m sure some of you who know me will readily agree on that).

Leave comments: encouragements, discouragements, opinions etc…